Crossroads International Church

A next-step community

  • encountering Jesus

  • embracing one another

  • engaging the world

Our vision is:
To be a non-denominational, international, English language church for both believers and seekers: sharing the gospel in worship, word and deed in a approachable manner.

To be a healthy community of disciples, from infants to adults, by following Jesus Christ and growing in faith through prayer, learning and serving.

To renew our culture, by changing minds and hearts, blessing others, serving the troubled and the poor.

To multiply ministry by starting new faith communities and missional initiatives in the regions where Crossroaders live and work, in the Netherlands and beyond.


Our values

We are grace oriented and foster unity in diversity.
We are strong at the core and open at the edge, drawn in to be sent out.
We rely on the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
We are committed to innovation and excellence.
We invest in individuals and communities in Crossroads in taking their next steps in faith.
We lead as servants of God and empower our teams.

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