Our Values

1. Grace Oriented

Everything we are and do as church is based upon God’s unconditional love and grace for us in Jesus. We believe that this grace transforms us and makes us more like Christ. At the same time, we acknowledge that each of us is 'a work in progress'. That’s why we are called to extend the same grace to each other that we are receiving from God. We want to be quick to ask for forgiveness and quick to forgive. We desire our relationships to be authentic, marked by trust, honesty, vulnerability, and openness.

2. Unity in Diversity

As a non-denominational and international community, we seek to be united in the essentials of our faith in Christ, while embracing diversity in the non-essentials. We want to be inclusive with people, while upholding our faith. We respect cultural, linguistic, social, political and economic differences. just as we value the significance and integrity of each person.

3. Strong at the center, open at the edge.

We want to be a church that is open and accessible to non-believers, and to those at every stage in their faith journey. We are also unashamedly a Christian community, founded on the person and work of Christ, on the historic beliefs of the church and on the revelation of the Christian scriptures. We are sure of our faith, but open to question and exploration; we believe that the answers to life’s questions are to be found in Christ, but we never claim to ‘have all the answers’ ourselves; we believe in the pursuit of wholeness in Christ, but accept the messiness of human experience. We seek both cultural relevance and Christian identity.

4. Drawn in to be sent out.

We believe that it is the nature of the Gospel both to ‘draw us in’... into fellowship with Christ, into intimacy, into deep roots, into community...and to ‘send us out’...out to find our place in God's purpose and mission, out to the service of others, out to produce measurable fruit, out to meaningful lives in the everyday.
Because we want to ‘draw people in,’ we will be strong in worship and spirituality, strong in learning and life, strong in creativity and excellence. We will be intentionally attractional, showing our culture that faith in Christ is a goal worth pursuing. Because we want to ‘send people out,’ we will be strong in mission, and equipping, and in awareness of and engagement with our culture. We will be intentionally incarnational, showing the people of God that there is a life to be lived, by faith, beyond the walls of the church.

5. Building community and developing individuals.

We want to follow Christ, both as a community and as individuals within a community. We celebrate the 'Big Story' that God has called us all into, but equally the many individual stories in which He is active in our lives. Our friendships in community are founded on the relationship each one of us is offered by God. We seek a life of service, both as a body and as the members of a body. We are committed to bringing people into authentic community, but also to helping to develop their individual gifts and callings. We value volunteering, and teamwork, and a community that thrives on 'every-member ministry'.

6. Committed to innovation and excellence, while relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We want to be a church that is innovative, flexible and creative, responding to the urgings of the Spirit of God and to developments in the culture(s) we serve; but we are also committed to doing things well, to good governance, to consistency and structural integrity. We pursue both inspiration and process, both change and permanence, both effectiveness in task and integrity in relationships. We are serious about the business of being church, but committed to having fun along the journey.

7. Servant leadership, empowered teams.

We believe that Christian leadership is ultimately expressed through the life and words of Jesus. He demonstrated the highest form of leadership, the leadership provided by a servant. Servant-leadership serves others by investing in their development and well-being for the benefit of the common good. This leadership is best expressed in and through empowered teams