Where We Are Today

Crossroads International Church is - by European standards - a large non-denominational church near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a strong value of reaching out in a culturally relevant way to unchurched people.


Crossroads is a regional church, ministering to people from over 30 nationalities and people groups. Situated in Amstelveen, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, Crossroads is part of a fast-paced and postmodern environment, which presents it with many opportunities and challenges including a quite transient community.

Our community has both many Dutch and many international attendees with at least 70% under forty years of age. At the very heart of Crossroads is the "LIFEgroup Ministry." These are the "communities of faith" that meet throughout the week in various settings and locations with different emphases, but with the common goal of community, encouraging, teaching, prayer and worship. These small groups are meeting in and around Amsterdam and Amstelveen, but also as far as Utrecht, Alkmaar, and 't Gooi area (each 30-40 km away). On Sundays Crossroads presently meets in a school building in Amstelveen. The school is transformed every week by a dedicated team to prepare for worship gatherings.