Who: 15-18 years
Where: Room 1.050 (Teacher's Lounge)
When: Every Sunday, from 09:30 until 10:45-ish (during the first service)*

Let's face it. When you're in this age group, there are a lot of things going on in your life. Lots of choices to be made. Lots of questions to be answered. In the middle of all of life's challenges, how can we focus on what really matters?

In Focus we build our faith and form friendships. We make our faith practical in outreach opportunities, while building our character through relevant teachings and small groups. Together we confront our questions and insecurities in life in our search to understand scripture and how to apply it to our lives daily.


Social events

Every month we have a social event for Focus’ teens. We alternate between events for the entire group and small group events. One month the event is for the entire youth group and then the next month is a social event with your small group. The following events are planned for the entire youth group:

  • Dates to follow


* First Sunday of the month is Serve Sunday: teens can choose to either go to the main service or serve somewhere in Church.

For more information and sign-ups, contact Manuel van Dam at