On a mission to China, Beijing

a fantastic and unique way to connect and share Christ with the Chinese people!


Do you enjoy meeting people of different cultures, experiencing incredible and fascinating places? Do you love that as Christians we have family all over the world and can share in a life changing experience? Do you speak English and have 3 weeks in the summer to really make a difference…in yourself as well as others?  Then our missions trip to China is something you must investigate.

Our China missions outreach this summer has some exciting changes. If previously the 4 weeks volunteering as a facilitator would be difficult for you to get time off from your work, we now have some good news for you.

So if you have…

* thought of a vacation in China where you can connect with people instead of simply being a tourist,
* are confident in speaking English
* have a gift of showing compassion and reaching out with the love of Christ
* have just 3 weeks you can manage from work or school
…then this opportunity is for you.

We welcome you to join either the July or August sessions for 3 weeks for a unique experience to help teach the English language to students and teachers from many provinces in China from Tibet to Inner Mongolia.

Kids camp…

During the summer there may be 4 to 5 day kids camps for Chinese primary and middle schoolers. There is a great demand of Chinese parents to have their children attend English lessons and these new mini sessions may also be held in both July and August.

Want to get more info about the above, feel free to email us at brigitte@xrds.nl or contact rolandwroten@yahoo.com.

As explained below in more detail you do not need teaching experience. All materials, lesson plans, and instructions are prepared for you and easy to follow. Volunteers from teenagers to those in their 70s have enjoyed this opportunity.

There will be at least 2 facilitators per class and you will normally teach approximately 4 hours per day with another 2 hours monitoring students studying or reading.

July Session: July 8 – Aug 1

Facilitator arrival date: July 8
Facilitator Training in Beijing: July 9-14 
Arrival day TIP students: July 16
TIP Session start day: July 17
Last day of session: July 29
Departure day Facilitators: July 30, 31 or Aug 1

August Session: July 30 – Aug 22

Facilitator arrival date: July 30
Facilitator Training in Beijing: July 31 – Aug 4
Arrival day TIP students: Aug 6
TIP Session start day: Aug 7
Last day of session: Aug 19
Departure day Facilitators: Aug 20, 21 or 22


We will have 2 training sessions at XRDS in June to prepare and equip you before arrival in

Pre-trip training part 1: June 11 from 11:30 - 13:00 (Room 2.042)
Pre-trip training part 2: June 25 from 11:30 - 13:00 (Room 2.042)

Depending on how many respond and how soon, we will have a meeting or couple meetings for questions and orientation for those who have questions about the program, the culture, and to hear testimonies from previous alumni. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are inclined to go so we can inform you of the application process, communicate how the to obtain a VISA and provide you with other helpful information.

Costs for this trip

Visa application fee: € 100.00
International airfare: average between € 600,00 and € 800,00 for roundtrip
Cost of vaccines (if applicable): varies
Weekly living expenses around €70.00 with average spending
Cost of housing at TIP: FREE housing at Peking University Campus (normal price was € 120.00 per week)


Minimum requirements (a plus if you have more)

  • Willingness to serve in a unique, exciting culture

  • Confidence in speaking English

  • Simple faith in Christ, no deep theological knowledge necessary

  • Desire to work as a team with other believers from around the world, mainly the US, Canada, and other places like the Philippines, etc.


The teaching program

Educational Services Exchange with China (ESEC) and its ministry. ESEC in the last 2 years has trained about 6000 English teachers from all over China, with an emphasis on reaching those from the western impoverished provinces.

At ESEC we aim to equip our students with an experience that will bring transformation to their lives, jobs and careers. The training we offer our students equips them with a new approach to teaching, as well as how to love and encourage their own students, and how to change their attitude towards life. This experience and the insights they learn at our training program helps them reach their full potential as English teachers in their own schools and communities.

Every summer in July and August there are 2 major sessions organized by ESEC. Over the course of these 2 months we train and minister to around 1900 students! Needless to say, there’s a big need for workers to come in and help support this incredible load of students. Just to give you an example: during the summer of 2016 we welcomed a total of 45 short-term volunteers that served alongside the year-long team to make the summer at TIP a success. Several churches from the U.S., the Netherlands and a sister organization called TeachOverseas help us each year in the recruitment of workers.

During a 2 week program you can show Christ through building relationships with English teachers from China. The majority of people in China do not speak English. This is an unique opportunity to reach out to the people

What does a day look like for a small class (40 students)? (example)

  9:00-10:00 Prep for class
10:00-12:00 Class time
12:00-13:00 Lunch with the students
13:00-14:00 Lesson planning/prep
14:00-15:00 Holiday Club
15:00-16:00 PE Time
16:00-17:00 Lesson planning/prep
17:00-18:00 Dinner with students
18:00-22:00 Free time


How much free time will we have?

The TIP session runs 14 days, from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm. As a team, the facilitators work in different roles and shifts to keep the program running for the students during this time. During weekdays, each facilitator works 5-8 hours each day. On the weekends, each facilitator works 1/2 shift per weekend, with each shift running 4-5 hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. In addition to the session time, we require all facilitators to begin their session preparations 1 day before students arrive each session. Each facilitator’s daily schedule will vary some, but in general, most have free time every evening and at least one and a half weekend days each weekend.


Will our XRDS group serve together during a TIP session?

The XRDS group may serve alongside fellow XRDS members at times and also alongside non-XRDS members at times. Most of the time will be spent in the classroom, either as a single class facilitator, or as a class co-facilitator, leading the class together with another facilitator, who may or may not be a XRDS member. The two class facilitators communicate and work together as a team to serve the students. Outside the classroom, facilitators serve along teammates in visiting students in the dorms, in carrying out weekend program activities, and in general preparation of the TIP session.


Do I need to know Chinese?

The beauty of the program is that it is the best service to the students to NOT speak any Chinese to them at all, but to speak English only to them! In fact, the program forbids students to speak Chinese during the 14 days of the program, helping keep the Total Immersion English-only environment. Any effort shown or explained to students regarding your work in learning Chinese can be an encouragement to them and can help in relating with your students. But learning Chinese is by no means required for serving at TIP. In terms of getting around Beijing during your free time, it is a challenge at times to get around or accomplish simple tasks without being able to speak Chinese, but the good news is that it is possible to survive in China only speaking English!


Do I need to have teaching experience?

Teaching experience is not required for serving at TIP. At TIP we do not “teach” English, but “facilitate” the English learning process for students. ESEC will give you a short training on how to do this effectively. The amazing key to learning a language is really just putting it into practice! So your most important responsibility as a facilitator at TIP is to get your students speaking, and to help them to have fun while they do it. This can be accomplished by any facilitator who speaks English – no experience or skill necessary.


What kind of preparation do I/we need to do, and what training will be provided?

XRDS will organize (with the help of ESEC) a series of training sessions before the arrival of a team in China, which will be very helpful as there are a lot of program details to get to know. When a team arrives in China, we’ll give them a short training consisting of an introduction to the program & TIP’s educational strategy, basics on the Chinese culture, and times of prayer and prep for ministering to our students. The TIP session can be a wonderful but very intense time, so the best preparation a team can have is to rest and to pray for an open and ready heart for what the Lord may want to do through them. We encourage each volunteer to arrive 1 week prior to the summer sessions to bond and form relationships with other facilitators from other churches and countries while attending more detailed training sessions. This would then encompass 3 weeks; 1 week bonding and training with 2 weeks TIP session.

What visa do I need, and how do I obtain it?

For “short term” trips, of less than 60 days, you will obtain a Tourist L visa, for 30 days or 60 days, respectively. All that is needed to obtain this visa is a simple letter of invitation from ESEC that we will create and mail to you. You will bring the invitation letter to the Chinese consulate along with the application and copy of your plane ticket when applying for your L visa. The visa can be obtained within 1 week, unless expedited, which can be obtained in 1 working day for an extra fee.