XRDS Courses

XRDS Courses are designed to help you grow to encounter Jesus, embrace one other and engage the world. In all three areas we have three levels: a basic discovery level, a foundations
level and a deeper level. Completing these courses will give you a good foundation in your faith.
In addition, we have some Focus Courses on parenthood and marriage.
All these courses are designed to be done in community because we believe that faith is all about relationships and we need each other to grow.

We offer courses in three seasons: autumn, winter and spring. You can sign-up for the season ahead in September, January and April via the XRDS Connect Point on Sundays or on the website.


Discover your Unique Design

Are you curious as to how you were wonderfully made? Are you excited about how God can use you? Are you longing to be all you can be? If you answer YES to these questions then the Unique Design Course is meant for you.
When: 5 sessions on Tuesdays, started May 16
Where: Ministry Centre, Buitenplein 55, Amstelveen
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A Man and his Fatherhood 

Begin to think strategically about being a dad and preparing to launch healthy sons and daughters into the world. 
When: 3 Wednesdays, every other Wednesday, started May 10 
Where: Ministry Centre, Buitenplein 55, Amstelveen 

The Kairos Course: Developing a World Perspective 

Kairos is an interactive, foundational course on world Christian mission. It inspires, challenges and deepens your faith and lays foundations for meaningful next ministry steps for you. Take this journey and discover God's global purposes.
When: 7 sessions on Fridays and Saturdays, starting Friday May 26.
Fridays, May 26, June 2, 9, 16 and 23, 19:15 - 21:45, and Saturdays, June 10 and 24, 9:00 - 17:30.
Where: Ministry Centre, Buitenplein 55, Amstelveen 
Sign up: Please fill in this form or go to the Connect Point on a Sunday

Helping People Change 

This course gives perspectives and tools to help transform yourself and the people you come alongside of. 
When: 4 Sundays, starting May 28, 13:30 
Where: Amstelveen College, Room 2.041
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Membership Course

At the heart, membership is an opportunity to say "Yes" to what God is doing through Crossroads. It is a means by which we can say "this is my spiritual home" and can move from being passive consumers of Crossroads' ministries to being active participants in church-building. 
When: Tuesday June 13 and 20, 19:30
Where: Ministry Centre, Buitenplein 55, Amstelveen
Sign up: Please fill in this form or go to the Connect Point on a Sunday
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