Discipleship Bible Studies

“Facing the Future without Fear”


Why study the subject of end times? Some of us have a fascination with numbers, dates, mysterious events and secret meanings to veiled prophecies. But for others "end times" brings up images of elaborate charts and misguided pronouncements by doomsday preachers whose predictions of the end keep passing unfulfilled.

The study of end times is a very personal subject. It addresses fundamental questions which every person asks: What will happen when I die? Will the world end with a fizzle or a bang? Will things get worse or better? Does my work in this world have any lasting significance? Why be good if the world will be blown up anyway? What will heaven be like? And who will go there? These studies from both the Old and New Testaments will address these and other questions.


Course Outline

[Lessons 1-8]

  1. The Last Days Are Here [January 11, 2017]
  2. He Will Come Back [January 25, 2017]
  3. Signs Of The Times [February 8, 2017]
  4. Grappling With Radical Evil [February 22, 2017]
  5. God’s Timing – And Ours [March 8, 2017]
  6. The Future Of The Human Person [March 22, 2017]
  7. The Beautiful Judgment Of God [April 5, 2017]
  8. The New Heaven And The New Earth [April 19, 2017]

Part 2: LIVING FOR THE END [Lessons 9-13]

  1. Waiting With Hope [May 3, 2017]
  2. Speeding The End [May 17, 2017]
  3. Making Forever Friends [May 31, 2017]
  4. Investing In Heaven [June 14, 2017]
  5. Attending The Lamb’s Wedding [June 28, 2017]

When: Wednesday Evenings (bi-weekly), 19:30 - 22:00
Where: Crossroads Ministry Centre, Buitenplein 55, Amstelveen.
Info and sign-up: Please contact Phillip & Ans Sealey at discipleshipstudy@xrds.nl