Volunteer Opportunities at Children's Ministry

A Source of Joy

Part of the joy of being community ('family') together comes from celebrating life at every stage of the journey, and the children of Crossroads are an endless source of joy and inspiration. We believe that from a very young age children can and do experience the presence of God, and we want to provide them with all the encouragement, help, inspiration and support they need to grow in faith. The Children's Ministry team is led by two coordinators.

The mission of Children's Ministry is leading the children into a relationship with Jesus and helping them grow in their Faith. For the age from 0-11 we do this by offering Crèche and Sunday School, led by a Teacher and Helper, or Children's Church, led by Stage-leader and different Small-group leaders. Different groups with a total of about 250 children each Sunday. 

Becoming a Volunteer

Most people working with our children's programs are volunteers. We are always open to meeting new people interested in joining our team. All volunteers go through an application procedure before joining the ministry. We also provide regular training to update the skills of our children's workers. The Children's Ministry Coordinator will process the forms and give approval for people to join. We have a Children's Protection Policy in place for all children's ministry.


If you are interested, check out our volunteer opportunities, or contact us through: children@xrds.nl