Kids Church (6-9)


Kids Church 6plus (Dutch) & Kids Church 8plus (Dutch)

In the Dutch Kids Church 6plus we welcome Dutch speaking kids ages 6 and 7 (group 3 and 4 according to the Dutch school system).
In the Dutch Kids Church 8plus we welcome Dutch speaking kids ages 8 and 9 (group 5 and 6 according to the Dutch school system). For more information about the Dutch Kids Church you can contact Hanneke Kuiper at

Kids Church International

In Kids Church International we welcome all English speaking kids ages 6 to 9plus (1st grade to 4th grade in the U.S. school system; years 2 to 5 in the British school system AND English speaking kids in group 3 to 6 in the Dutch school system).  In Kids Church International all activities will be in English. For more information about Kids Church International you can contact Richard Cooper at

What we do at Kids Church:

During Kids Church there is time when the whole group meets together with the focus on teaching biblical principles. During the small group time we want to give the children tools for applying biblical principles in their lives. We do this through fun activities and small group conversation. Our focus in Kids Church is to continue to build the biblical foundation for life and to teach the children how to apply these truths throughout the week.


For more information, contact

These are some of the songs we sing on Sundays:

He Knows My Name
Vandaag is een nieuwe dag
Shine (from the inside out)
Uw woord is een lamp voor mijn voet
Onder boven voor en achter 
Great Big God
Never give up
Ja is ja nee is nee
Jezus ik wil U bedanken
We zullen gaan
Friend of God