Thanks for checking out the Children's Ministry at Crossroads. Children are really important, not only to us, but also to our loving God. Jesus loves children and desires for them to know Him in their own childlike way. Most believers build their faith on what they learnt as children. That's why we think it is most important to equip our children in a faith that is alive.

Our Mission:  

Leading the children into a relationship with Jesus and helping them grow in their faith.

Our Vision:

We want our Children’s Ministry to be a place which mirrors the vision of Crossroads. It will be a place where:

  • Children have fun and love to come. 
  • Children feel they belong and feel safe. 
  • Children experience and learn about Jesus’ love for them and feel comfortable enough to make the decision to give their lives to Jesus. 
  • Children feel free to bring their non-church friends. 
  • Children have the opportunity to express their faith.
  • Children are known and loved within the community

Children’s ministry is divided in three groups:
Research has shown that Sunday School can only do 20% of Faith development. The other 80% is done at home.  For this reason we are offering a course to support families in raising their children. For more information, contact us at