Park and Walk: Three weeks till we cross the road together

10 July 2013 | move

OK, so you know the dates when we are moving - the first service will be on Sunday July 28 – and you know that our new venue is just across the road on Sportlaan. But the big issue for many of you now will be where to park…
If you’ve seen the video you’ll already know the answer! We park in the same places as we always have: Either on the Startbaan itself or in one of the car parks along the street. It’s then just a two-minute walk up the path to the new school building.

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Summer of Psalms

4 July 2013

Sometimes it can be difficult to find your voice when talking with God. What exactly do you say?

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Crossing the Road Together: The Countdown Begins

25 June 2013 | move

As you can see in our latest video release, Crossroads is really not moving very far at all! And now we know the dates when we will be moving to a new building across the road and up the path…

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Have you checked out the path yet?

18 June 2013 | move

As many of you already know, this summer Crossroads will be moving to a new building. Our current location in Amsterdam College is being knocked down and we will be joining the school in moving to some impressive new premises. It’s a short move one block north… From Startbaan to Sportlaan!

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Teaching Series: Church on the Move

16 May 2013

At Pentecost we started a new teaching series called ‘Church on the move’. We are moving this summer (crossing the road together) to a new building, bringing lots of exiting change, but church is so more than where we meet and what happens on Sundays.

The book of Acts is a great place to get an idea of what church is and can be. Pentecost is where it starts. It’s an inside-out movement. Filled with the Sprit the church begins to move.

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Membership Seminar in May/June Rescheduled

26 February 2013 | Events, From the Staff

At its heart, membership is an opportunity to say ‘Yes’ to what God is doing through Crossroads church. It is a means by which we can say ‘this is my spiritual home’ and can move from being passive consumers of Crossroads' ministries to being active participants in church-building. That's why we organize Membership seminars. The next two-session seminar will held on two Wednesday evenings: 19 June and 3 July.

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Shattered Expectations

Stories with a twist | 2 April 2013

Jesus is a Master storyteller. Most of his teachings come to us through stories or parables. Most of Jesus’ parables are short, simple and straightforward. Some, however, are longer and shatter our expectations; they end with a twist.

In this 5-week teaching series we will look at some of these surprising stories in Luke’s Gospel to discover more about the person of Jesus and his amazing grace towards us.

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Crossroads Is ... Crossing The Road!

17 April 2013 | Events, move

After providing us with many years of loyal service – and being home to countless great services – Amstelveen College is closing its doors forever this summer. That means the time has come for Crossroads to seek a new home to meet on Sundays…. And we have found just the right place!