Prayer for Missions

29 January 2013

Every 4th Sunday of the month, a group of people meet during the second service to pray for missions. It is an opportunity to come before God’s presence and to seek His face on behalf of our missionaries, unreached peoples and the world. In June, that will be on Sunday, June 23.

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24/7 Prayer Week Coming up!

Starts January 20 | 13 December 2012

In January we're going to do something that has turned out to be really exciting over the last few years. We are going to pray. For a whole week. 7 days. 24 hours a day. And we need you to join us!

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New Series: Holy Habits

26 December 2012

A new teaching series starts January 6: Holy Habits - Living Missionally. 

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Current Teaching Series

29 November 2012 | Reflection

How can one little town in the middle of nowhere influence all of human history? Why do so many events take place in one small village that impact human destiny? How can the events of thousands of years ago change my life today? This year at Advent join with us as we travel from Amsterdam to Bethlehem in search of answers.

Transitions November '12

27 November 2012 | From the Staff

Janike van Dijk will bring closure to her staff role in the Services Team in 2013. After this, the needs in the Services team will be re-evaluated and we will look to hire someone to replace Janike's hours. Hanneke Zwanenburg of the Kids Church and 10+ has taken temporarily pregnancy- and maternity leave.

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Building Block November

29 November 2012 | Misc

This summer, Crossroads will pack up and move where we hold our Sunday services. The Amstelveen College has started building their new school and will move to another location in Amstelveen. Right now, there are two strong contenders for where Crossroads Amsterdam could meet after the summer, each crossing off the most important criteria.

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Seminars on the Old Testament

10 September 2012 | Courses

Reading the Bible can be one of the most rewarding and refreshing things of our faith  experience. But because the words of Scripture have been written thousands of years ago, in another time and culture, it can also be quite a challenge and raise difficult questions, especially when reading the Old Testament. If you would like a better understanding of God's salvation story in the Old Testament, join us as we dig deep into these ancient books of Scripture. During the course of three seminars during the second and third service, once each month, we will  examine the big picture of the Old Testament in its ancient Hebrew shape of  the Law (Torah), Prophets (Nevi'im), and Ketuvim (Writings)

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Dynamite Prayers

10 September 2012 | Courses

In his letters to the young churches, the apostle Paul bursts into prayer every now and then. You will find that his prayers are dynamite prayers, praying for the things that are really important for the believers then, but equally important for us now: timeless, informative, brim-full and only including what's really relevant!

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