Parenting Teenagers Course

1 March 2015 | Courses, OpenU

Parenting teenagers between 11 to 18 can be a daunting responsibility. 

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Monthly Campfire Evenings

18 February 2015 | Men

“Give a man a fire and something to drink, and he’ll know what to do next!”

Whether they’re single or not, a parent or not, a saint or not, young or only young at heart, men typically enjoy a good talk about real stuff in a casual, social, fire-lit atmosphere.

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Unique Design Course

1 March 2015 | Courses

What S.H.A.P.E. are you?

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Prayer Training Sessions

8 February 2015 | Courses, Prayer, OpenU

How can I pray more effectively and dynamically? How do I mobilize others to pray? 

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A Christian Perspective on Digital Games: Parents' Edition

1 April 2015 | Courses, OpenU

Games are everywhere. Small or big, violent or cute, they are the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world. What are we to make of this as Christians?

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Crossroads Prayer

26 January 2015 | Prayer

Prayer with you and for you! 

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18+ Students & Young Professionals

15 January 2015 | Youth

Being a university student or newly starting your career or job can be really rewarding, but also very tough.

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Leadership Lessons for Church & Work

18 January 2015 | Courses, OpenU

Join us in discovering the most important leadership lessons from the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 2014. In 4 sessions, we will watch the 4 most powerful teachings on DVD and discuss them afterwards.

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