Missions Prayer

28 May 2017 | Missions, Prayer

Every fourth Sunday of the month we pray for our missionaries and our mission activities in Crossroads. You are invited  to pray with us.

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Ready Set Go

22 January 2017 | Missions

Enthusiastic about sports? Join our first Ready Set Go meeting January 22.

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Trip to China

Teach English and Change Lives | 8 July 2016 | Missions

Do you speak English and have 2 weeks in the summer to really make a difference…in yourself as well as others?

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Run for Gold

16 April 2016 | Events, Missions

Are you up for a 5 mile run? Join us on April 16.

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Serve the City: Haarlem

Spring Edition | 9 April 2016 | Missions

Serve with us in Haarlem on April 9

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Sunday for the City: No Man is an Island

Thoughts on Sunday for the City by Erin van Santen-Hobbie | 26 June 2014 | Missions

A man lies in bed, staring at the palms of his hands. The skin on them is dark, the telltale mark of the epidemic sweeping through his city: the dreaded Black Plague. He knows that he has days, possibly weeks, to live. He’s survived dangerous seas, imprisonment by a furious father-in-law, unemployment and job searches, and finally a late-in-life career in ministry. He finds himself  taking out a pen and paper with shaking hands to compose what might be his last sermon.  

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A Message From Ank Koopmans

21 March 2013 | Missions

Ank Koopmans - Oosting has laid down her job of two years as a missionary with Operation Mobilisation. She has been one of the many missionaries supported by the Crossroads community. In Ank's own words: "After two very satisfactory and fruitful years with Operation Mobilisation, my focus is now switching to being more active in Aalsmeer, where I have lived for over a year with my husband Mark. My mission is and has always has been to be available for God and to be where He will have me be."

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Serve the City Amsterdam & Utrecht

22 November 2011 | Events, Missions

This winter Serve The City will again have 2 days full of volunteer projects all over the city. Think about fixing someone's house, or going out a day with people who really need that. You can now sign up for a project on three Saturdays in December and January.
The 17th of Dec both in Amsterdam & Utrecht.
The 24th of December Utrecht will hold an event
In 2012  we want to bless people on the 7th of January in Amsterdam.

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