A prayer request

A prayer request

26 May 2011
As many of you are aware, we are currently exploring how to make the new vision for Crossroads a reality. During this time, we ask you to pray for the tireless efforts of the extraordinarily committed interim leadership team that, along with other staff members, continues to lead Crossroads while the new structure is finalised. We thank God for continuing to bless the ministry of our leaders, and we ask for them to know a peace that only the Lord can bring in the midst of the daily challenges of running Crossroads.

Many of you will also be aware that the change team, a specially commissioned team of hard-working volunteers, are currently busy working on the new structure for Crossroads as we move forward into an exciting new future for our church. In addition, this week the pastor search team has also started its work. Again, please join us in praying, which will be the foundation upon which Crossroads is built over the coming months.

Most of the volunteers on these teams have full-time jobs and many have children. Combining the hectic everyday activities with the quite extensive work involved in the ‘change’ process can be tiring, and we are so very aware that we need to constantly seek God’s will. However well thought through a leadership structure may be (and we’re trying our best to get it right!), it will always be the people that make the difference. We also think of the elders, so please pray that the decisions taken will be discerning ones based on God’s heart for Crossroads and the gifts of those who we meet.

Every Monday evening there is a Prayer Meeting at the Ministry centre, and we will endeavour to ensure that an update is available to guide the prayers of those able to attend these evenings. Please consider whether you are able to uphold Crossroads and its members in prayer on these evenings.