Getting Married at Crossroads

When you are getting married, there are lots of factors to consider. Whether or not you choose to include a church wedding is one of those factors. If someone outside Crossroads is to perform the wedding ceremony, only part of this information will apply to you. We are not a wedding planner, but will try to connect you with people who can help meet your needs. Weddings are predominately a service we provide to those who consider Crossroads their church home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to preparing for your church wedding.


Your first point of contact in Crossroads will be an intake appointment. This will give us the opportunity to get to know you and for you to ask questions about getting married at Crossroads. To arrange this, please contact us at

Choose a Speaker

Pastors, elders, and certain ministry leaders at Crossroads sometimes perform marriage ceremonies at Crossroads. We have a list of options for you to go through during your intake appointment. If you want to request someone not on the list, you can discuss this during your intake meeting.

Legal Documentation

Because of Dutch law, Crossroads is only allowed to perform a church wedding after you have already been married by law in a civil ceremony. Please let us see your legal marriage documentation when you come for your interview. 

Marriage Preparation

To help build a strong foundation for marriage, we ask you to take part in a marriage preparation process. In the midst of all your practical preparations, this will help you to focus on 'life after the wedding day. A 5-week course, including personal mentoring, is offered twice a year. Email for more information.


Crossroads does not have its own church building, therefore we are not able to provide you with a wedding location. There are, however, many creative options available in and outside of Amsterdam.


Crossroads has many musicians and worship leaders who may be able to help you with music for your church ceremony. At the moment, we aren't able to take the whole responsibility for organizing a worship band. We can, however, discuss the resources we offer when you come in for your intake.

Planning the Service

Your speaker and worship leader will have important roles to play in planning the service, however, they are not responsible for the entire plan. A service with a number of people involved is complex. To help you organize the details, you might consider asking somebody to organize the service and to serve as the contact person for all involved, both in the planning phase and on the wedding day itself. When making your plans, keep in mind that some speakers request a wedding rehearsal. If you have any further questions, please contact the church office by email, or by phone, 020-5451444.