Baptisms at Crossroads


Next baptism date: TBD


At Crossroads, we are each on a faith journey. We are unique people and we seek God in different ways. Some of us have been traveling for a long time, others are just getting started. We want to travel together and to encourage each other. We find it important to be an inviting and authentic community in which we can pursue God together. We would love for you to join us.


Public Declaration

One of the high points of this journey is when we celebrate people's lives as changed and transformed by God's Holy Spirit. One of the ways we do that at Crossroads is in baptism. Some time after a person has responded to the call to become a Christ-follower, they have the opportunity to be baptized as a public statement of their commitment.


We do this at Crossroads by full immersion (which simply means that we lower you completely under the water when we baptize you). We follow the model that Jesus set for us as he tells his followers to do the same. Paul, in Romans 6:3-4, describes baptism by immersion as a beautiful metaphor for what Jesus did for us when he died (symbolized by our going under the water) and rose again (symbolized by our coming out of the water). We die to ourselves and we receive a new life through Christ.


The act of baptism itself does not make us right with God. We have peace with God because of who Jesus is and all he has done for us. Baptism is simply a public declaration that we have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus for us and are committing ourselves to follow him in all things. It is an ‘outward sign of an inner change of heart’. It is a sign of our new way of living!

Practical Points

What do you need to do if you want to be baptized?

1. Be in touch with us.
Please contact us if you would like to be baptized or would just like information at You can also fill in this form. Someone will contact you and set a meeting with you. We would like to hear your story of how you connected with and started to follow Jesus.

2. Attend a pre-baptism meeting.
In the weeks leading up to baptism Sunday, there will be a pre-baptism gathering for all baptism candidates. Here you will learn more about what baptism means and how this relates to Crossroads' mission and statement of faith. Also, during this meeting you will meet other followers of Jesus who are interested in being baptized. You will hear their stories, and share yours as well. We will also talk about the practical details of the actual Baptism Sunday.

For more information 

* Call the office at 020-5451444
* Or you can email
* Or you can talk to a someone from our Welcome Team at church on Sundays.
We will be in touch with you by phone or email.

Whichever way you prefer to communicate with us, please make sure that you mention your phone number so we can get in touch with you!