Our life’s journeys can be peaceful and joy-filled, but sometimes they're challenging and painful. In those times, you may look for someone to walk alongside you, to listen and to pray, someone to encourage you while you seek out your next steps of faith. If this is what you are looking for, perhaps we can help.

What can Crossroads Pastoral Care offer you?

• If you need counseling, we have people trained in pastoral care who would love to talk with you, one on one, about the problems you face.
• If you need spiritual support, we have people who would like to take time to sit and listen for God's voice with you and to pray for you.
• In cases of deeper spiritual and emotional bondage, we have people who would love to guide you through steps to freedom in Christ.
• If you need resources for addressing specific life challenges, we offer several discipleship courses. We can help find the right one for you.
As needed, we can assist you in finding professional help in our referral network of Christian mental health and life-skill professionals.

How can you contact us?