Get Connected

Within a big community like Crossroads it can be hard to connect with other people on your own. We have provided many opportunities to meet with other Crossroads attenders. Read on about ways you can get connected with us, we would love to know who you are!

We invite you to join us in our faith journeys, to ask questions and investigate, to attend our Sunday services, to talk with people and build friendships, and maybe, if you feel ready, to join an Alpha Course or LIFEgroups to more deeply explore what faith is all about. As we learn more about Jesus, there comes a point of action when we need to take a 'next step' in responding to what we know.

Life flourishes in the context of relationships. That's why we encourage everyone to get connected with others instead of journeying alone.

Use the top navigation to find your way to different possibilities to get connected. Do check out the calendar, where you'll find all the upcoming activities at Crossroads.