XRDS 15+ Serve Sunday

29 February 2012 | Youth, connection | Crossroads
The 15+ group spent the first month of the New Year discussing spiritual gifts and how we can use them. We also talked about how the church functions as a body. Each person/part doing what it was made to do so other parts would not have to compensate. So why are we telling you this?

The 15+ group has been challenged for six months to get involved in the church and serve the first Sunday of the month! We are part of the body, it's time to function as part of the body. So from this past February to July, there will be no regular 15+ youth gathering the first Sunday of the month. Parents of 15+ youth, if your child is looking for a way to get involved, please email youth@xrds.nl and we will find a way for them, and maybe even yourself, to serve in the church.

If you are not the parent of a 15+ youth, there are ways that you too can be involved in the church and help the body of Christ function. Email us and we would love to get you connected to the right people to help out.



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