New Children's Group Started!

22 December 2011 | Children | Tinka Veninga | 0 comments

On the 4th of December we started a new group called: “Vogels” for the 2 year old Dutch
speaking children in Crossroads. We were having more then 30 children in the two crèches
(age 0-2) on a regular basis on a Sunday morning. To ensure the safety of the children we
don’t allow more than 15 children per classroom and we had to start sending children with
their parents away. Not so welcoming!

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Christmas@thefarm 2011

22 December 2011 | Children, Events | Crossroads | 0 comments

On Saturday December 17th, we celebrated Christmas at the Farm with the children of Crossroads and many visitors. It was a great celebration in which the donkey, sheep and camel told the Christmas story, each from their unique point of view.

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22 December 2011 | Children, connection | Tinka Veninga | 0 comments

Are you expecting a child or do you have a newborn? Come and meet other parents and parents-to-be and get information about what Crossroads has to offer you.
When: February 5, 10.30 - 11.15
Where: Room 022 (on the left at end of the hallway, past the lounge)
Questions? Please contact us at

17 December: Serve the City

fresh chances to serve January 7th! | 19 December 2011 | Events | Crossroads | 0 comments

On the 17th of December about 130 volunteers came together to make a difference in the city of Amsterdam. We did many projects like painting houses, helping the elderly, blessing people by taking pictures with Santa Claus and singing christmas carols in the VU hospital.

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A chair... is so much more than just a chair. Have you ever adopted one?

24 November 2011 | Johan | 0 comments

Crossroads started about 25 years ago. At that time all we needed was ten chairs.

Since then a lot of people have sat on those red chairs... each one with his or her own unique experience during the Sunday gatherings, the Alpha Course, the Dad-Kid Camp, in the LIFEgroup or other Crossroads’ activities. And all this was only possible because of people who faithfully contributed financially to making these things possible. Thanks to your giving, many children, teens and adults have had a chance to explore faith, to find Jesus, to grow strong in their new identity and in their commitment as a Jesus-follower, and to share their faith with others.  Thank you so much!

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Connection points

25 November 2011 | Events | Johan | 0 comments

Because it is sometimes hard to meet others in our church, we want to create regular opportunities for different groups of people in Crossroads to meet each other.  These connection points as we call them are meant to connect people,  and to explore if there is interest to meet more often. For December we have two Connection points.

December 4th during the second service,  there is an opportunity for Young Internationals to meet each other in room 215 on the second floor. Just chatting, hanging out and see what will happen.

December 11th during the second service,  we would like to bring together the Expat community in Crossroads in room 215.  Being away from your home country and family has it's own challenges, it is good to share with others who are in the same situation.


3 November 2011 | From the Staff | Johan | 0 comments

Can you remember when you first walked through the doors on a Sunday morning, and sat in a chair feeling lost?  It can be very overwhelming can't it?
Where do you start? Lots of people--but how do you get to know some of them. How do you meet some people with similar interests or with similar challenges in life?

Or perhaps you have already been coming for a while and you decide it is time to take a next step and get involved. Where do you start, how do find out where help is needed, how do you find out what you can contribute and how you have been uniquely made to contribute?

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A chair… is so much more than a chair

8 November 2011 | Elder update, From the Staff | Crossroads | 0 comments

To give hands and feet to our renewed vision and to manage the church well with the size it is now, we see that we will need an increase in budget.   Crossroads has a history of generosity. Our community has consistently risen to the occasion to fund the next steps that God has called us to together.  We have much reason to be very thankful.

To make the increased budget needs concrete and simple to visualize, we’ve thought about our individual responsibilities like this:

If we divide all the costs for our six ministry areas (church-services, next generation, connections, faith formation, outreach and deaconate) and divide them by the average number of adults that attend our gatherings for the 52 Sundays of the year, we come up with what it costs for each of us per adult to be a part of the Crossroads vision.

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